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The beggining...

The first day that Ramino went into business in its initial corporate scheme goes back in year 1982 which can be regarded as the birth year of the current company
The company had been growing quite rapidly and in 1986 its basic legal form was created which later on 1992 has evolved into today's Ramino SA

In the same year the construction of the two privately owned premises of total surface area of 2.500 sq.m. is completed, and all the company's activities are being reallocated there.

....the continuation

From that point onwards, the company's rapid development has taken it to the top of the Greek market in products related curtain rods, curtain rail and design curtain systems in general. At the beggining of 2002 the extension of the company's premises was completed and today its current activities are taking place in exlusively privately owned buildings of total surface area of 4.500 sq.m. That progression has given our company the ability to develop its own production line of high quality products by using the most modern mechanical equipment throughout the production process.

Ramino' s persistance and emphasis in quality and innovative decisions as well as its customer-oriented philosophy has establish her in the market as a trustworthy and reliable partner for every proffesional in the field. Today Ramino is serving and supplying a significant share of the Greek market and its brand name in consumer' s consiousness is tightly related to the concepts of quality, fine taste and consistency.